Private Functions
Children's Parties

All kids like to let off steam and parties are the ideal opportunity to do so. Our Main Hall is large enough for the biggest of children's parties and whether the kids are playing softball or jumping around to their favourite songs played by the local DJ, Winterslow Village Hall is the ideal location for their special occasion.

Inside and Out

We have large, outdoor facilities - ideal for games or a bouncy castle and parents may relax in the knowledge that our garden is secured by an enclosed wooden fence and gate.

Our toilets are baby-change friendly and as the Winterslow Village Hall is built on one floor, there is no need to worry about push chairs or baby buggies.

Wedding anniveraries are a regular and popular social event at the Village Hall. Make that special day a memorable one.

Special occasions

Whether you are planning a school reunion, get-together or a family home-movie memories night, Winterslow Village Hall has all the facilities to help you carry off your event with panache.

Band Practice

Aspiring musicians need a space to rehearse. We may have to switch on our sound-level regulator for budding Slipknot's and Metallica's, but Etta James and Leonard Cohen wannabes are just as welcome.

Dance Practices

Strictly Come Dancers need a place to practice too - and Winterslow Village Hall has a perfect, spacious dance floor fit for all Gay Gordens, Twisters and Lancers. So while you want to may Blame It on The Bosa Nova, you will also sing the praises of Winterslow Village Hall's facilties at the same time!


Solumn and sad occasions as they are, Winterslow Village Hall will make available our furniture, crockery and ambient music to help you say goodbye to your loved ones.

 Winterslow Village Hall children's parties