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Winterslow Line Dancing

Times: We meet on a Friday night at Winterslow Village Hall with our beginners at 6.00 to 7.30 and our improvers from 7.30 to 9.30.
Cost: £3.50 a session
We sometimes use the Pitton Village Hall when the Winterslow one is in use and we organise weekends away so in case we are away one week, please contact me before coming so as not to be disappointed.
Enquiries: For a demo or other enquiries phone Corinne Liken on 07813 657430 or email

Line Dance South brings a little American Country & Western style to the Winterslow Village Hall, as well as dancing to the latest chart-topping music, to accommodate all ages and all music tastes. We run classes on a Friday evening with our beginners from 6 to 7.15 and improvers from 7.30 to 9.00.

Our aim is to teach dances that are taken from the charts but also go back to the Country and Western music scene as well so we can cater for young and old alike.

The music and songs sound great on the Village Hall's modern PA system and everyone benefits from the gentle exercise that is so enjoyed by our dancers of all ages and all abilities from beginners upwards.

We also have live acts and guest singers at our special events which are not to be missed!

Line Dance South also organizes line dance weekends twice a year with live acts, workshops and a whole lot of fun which is enjoyed by all who attend.

We can also arrange to do demonstrations for any club, group, charity etc.

Please contact Corinne on 07813657430 or for further information on any of the above.
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Recent Events
Our first workshop and evening dance with Michelle Risley and Roy O’neill

9th September 2023

What a wonderful day.

One of the hottest days of the year, but it did not deter our determined line dancers.

With almost 70 people the floor was full with Michelle Risley being her usual bubbly self putting us through our paces by teaching us three new dances, Little Heartbreak, Pony Time and one of her own she has just choregraphed I loved you then which was sang by Rory O’Neill during the evening, brilliantly I might add.

We then had an hours break for food, some had bought their own and some had ordered from the takeaway menu we provided from our local pub The lord Nelson. Everyone commented on how good the food was and then we were ready for the evening.

The evening session was slightly cooler but only slightly, but the dancing was just as hot especially when Rory started his first set and then his second was even better. Michelle supplied a mixture of other line dance music in between his two sessions.

Right to the very last minute the floor was packed with no-one wanting to go home, but eventually everyone started drifiting away and we were left with the clearing up and loads of lovely feedback from everyone who had attended.

This was our first event of this kind and we were really pleased with the result looking forward to next year with Karl Harry Winson, so get your names down as we do not want to upset anyone by turning then away.
Winterslow Village Hall Events Photo

9th September 2023 Line Dancing Workshop. Group photo.
Winterslow Village Hall Events Photo

Michelle Risley.
Winterslow Village Hall Events Photo

Rory Oneill.
Winterslow Village Hall Events Photo

The floor was packed!