Time & Talents
Time & Talents

Winterslow has a wide range of groups, clubs, organizations which put on fantastic opportunities for residents to engage in, within the parish and beyond, and all run by volunteers.

Time and Talents is an initiative being set up to highlight these groups etc so that they can tap into the wide and various talents that people have such as IT experience, bookkeeping (to name but two) which could benefit the groups moving forward.

In order to celebrate our enriched community a working group has been established, following two preliminary meetings at the heartbeat of Winterslow, the village Hall, attended by representatives from the broad spectrum of organizations and clubs. This group of volunteers will be coordinating a project entitled Time & Talents, the aim of which is to produce a booklet containing a comprehensive list of all the opportunities for parishioners to engage in, highlighted by personalised entries from all those subscribing. This booklet will be delivered to all households in early 2024 followed by an event at the Village Hall.

So if you have the TIME and are looking for details about the broad spectrum of activities or you have a TALENT, which could be home based such as admin support, legal advice, IT expertise etc. or indeed more hands on, which could be used to provide support, for as little as a few hours per month, then the "Booklet” will give you all the information you need to help you make a decision about how to get involved as a participant or volunteer.

Read the updates in the Parish magazine as the project progresses.

If you want information now about joining a group or volunteering go to the Village Hall, Parish Council & Community and Barry’s Fields websites, which also have links to bespoke websites of some of the clubs and organisations.

For further information or a chat about volunteering contact Mick Brown on 01980 862842 or email at Mickhomer53@gmail.com

To reference JFK -

Ask not what your parish can do for you - ask what you can do for your parish.

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download Time & Talents - What is It?

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